Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Often dust and irritants collect beneath your carpets at office or at home. Carpet cleaning Melbourne, is a deep clean service provided by us at Luxon Commercial Cleaning. We understand that a clean carpet is required for the environment to be perfectly clean. When cleaning carpets, it is important to understand that About 79 % of the dust is of a DRY grainy nature and can be removed by a good commercial vacuum. Another 2O % is of a sticky nature and cannot be removed by suction. While keeping in mind to vacuum as much as required, have your carpet professionally Cleaned every 6 to 8 months depending on the traffic you have in your home, or office. 

We follow the steps below to thoroughly clean the carpets. It is important to clean the carpets properly, specially in homes where it come in contact with your skin.

1. Free Estimate on the Phone or on Site.
2. Pre-inspect and qualification. We will let you know the expected results.
3. Vacuum carpet if needed. (not included, optional)
4. Move and protect furniture. (not oversized, heavy items)
5. Pre-treat spots if needed.
6. Pre-Spray Solution on Carpet.
7. Allow it to work with the stains.
8. Steam Clean with Hot Water and Extract. (in Steam Cleaning Process)
9. Post-treat spots and stains.
10. Apply Deodorizer, Disinfectant.

carpet cleaning melbourne

Please call us today for a detailed quote on carpet cleaning Melbourne and other local areas for your home or office. +61 499 652 647