Office Cleaning Company

Our mission is to provide superior services and products that assist our customers in providing safer and healthier work environments for their employees and guests. We offer integrity, honesty, dependability, skill, dedicated service, longevity, accountability, cost-effectiveness, stability, pride of position, consistency, continued growth and high-level service with a promise of professional customer service.

Luxon employees are trained to assess and report health & safety hazards and risks. With regular inspection we will ensure that cleaners follow the guidelines and limit the use of chemicals and hazardous substances where required.

We Understand Commercial Cleaning Industry

Our experienced contractors in Melbourne use environmentally friendly, tried and tested cleaning methods to deliver high quality results for commercial kitchens, hospitality businesses and other commercial and residential sites. 

Businesses are changing, it is inconvenient to manage in-house cleaning staff on a daily basis. Also, there are several good reasons why you should switch to hiring professional cleaning services. We provide you with highly convenient and affordable cleaning assistance to suit your budget and cleaning requirements. We are one of the most trusted commercial cleaning companies in Melbourne, boasting highly trained staff and the industry’s best cleaning equipment.

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Regular Reporting

Luxon management provides regular reporting to all the site managers.

Eco friendly Office Cleaning

Eco Friendly Cleaning

Our practices & ethos support conservation and eco friendly products.

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Bespoke Internal Audits

We conduct regular audits at all our sites to ensure complete client satisfaction.

Office Cleaning Melbourne

We believe our success is a direct reflection of the value that we offer to our clients. Our main objective is to provide a excellent and unmatched cleaning service to our customers, which helps both the companies progress. You can get the best customer service from the experts in commercial cleaning Melbourne.

We offer office cleaning Melbourne at a unbeatable price. Our experienced employees  are efficient, which lowers or charges compared to other office cleaning services in Melbourne. We then forward these savings on to our customers.

Luxon maintains quality in everything we offer! Most office cleaning services in Melbourne do not give priority to consistency, but our motto and policies are different. Our objective is keeping our customers and client happy and satisfied. We always conduct regular quality checks and on site inspections. This ensures that we provide the best service to all our commercial and industrial clients. We follow GESA standards for all cleaning products.

Why Choose Us

All organisations have different cleaning needs depending on the industry and location they operate from. We offer customised cleaning solutions for our clients matching their individual requirements. This ensures, we address your exact requirements. When we identify areas in need of improvement, we discuss these to further improve our delivery of service.

All or employees are industry trained and have gained vast experience in commercial cleaning to clean your premises. Also, all of our office cleaners are police cleared. No exception including the supervisors! We conduct regular induction and training programs for our staff and employees, so our commercial cleaning is pristine.